TMJ Pain and Jaw Discomfort Can Manifest in Different Ways

Get your migraine or headache diagnosis from the experts at Tyler Headache Center.Your jaw joints, or TMJs, are working hard each and every day — they are being used every time you speak, chew or swallow food, and certainly whenever you yawn. It’s no wonder that the muscles in your jaws, mouth, and face can easily become fatigued and sore. Pain in these joints and in the surrounding structures can be unpleasant and may even restrict your range of motion. For some unfortunate sufferers the pain is chronic and excruciating.

There are some who suffer for years with problems in their TMJs and never make the connection that these problems could also be responsible for other pain conditions they have. For instance, many TMJ pain sufferers also report having frequent headaches or migraines. Even chronic tension in the head and neck can be brought on by problems originating in or around your jaw joints.

What’s important to understand is that all of these pain conditions are connected to neuromuscular force imbalances within the Stomatognathic System. Neuromuscular Dentistry techniques can be used to rehabilitate problems within this system and eliminate pain. There is a first step, though, and that is to get a proper TMJ diagnosis from a care provider who is well-versed in the neuromuscular forces of the Stomatognathic System.

Experience Matters — Get Correctly Diagnosed for TMJ Pain & Jaw Discomfort

Get your migraine or headache diagnosis from the experts at Tyler Headache Center.Seeking a TMJ diagnosis from a neuromuscular dentist just makes sense. It is critically important to have an accurate TMJ diagnosis produced for your unique pain condition right from the start, and prior to the assignment of any treatment protocols for pain relief and rehabilitation. This is because the root causes for TMJ pain can differ significantly from one patient to the next. Receiving a TMJ diagnosis is NOT a “one size fits all” proposition.

Though the root causes for TMJ pain do vary among patients, a TMJ diagnosis in general means that your temporomandibular joints which connect the lower jawbone to the skull are producing painful symptoms. Getting diagnosed for TMJ pain is paramount, but the specificity of that diagnosis matters a great deal when assigning TMJ treatment protocols.

In summary, the neuromuscular force problems causing YOU to experience TMJ pain and/or jaw discomfort must be identified and specifically targeted for treatment efforts and rehabilitation to be effective. This is what we do when producing a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis for your TMJ pain at The Tyler Headache Center.

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