Most Contemporary TMJ Treatments Are Not Attractive

At The Tyler Headache Center we can offer you TMJ treatments for long lasting pain relief.Most doctors and specialists have never been trained to rehabilitate neuromuscular force problems specific to the dentomandibular complex, which is where we find that most of the root causes for TMJ pain originate. In fact, most healthcare providers can only offer TMJ sufferers a limited number of TMJ treatments, or TMJ pain management suggestions that involve behavioral modification and restrictions. The treatment options might include advising you to take over-the-counter painkillers, or to take prescription drugs for severe TMJ pain, or even undergo one or more invasive surgical procedures to repair the TMJs.

None of those options are particularly inspiring to TMJ sufferers, and for various reasons.

In the case of drugs, only temporary TMJ pain relief can be achieved from over-the-counter pills and prescription drugs and NEITHER do anything to solve the root causes of pain. While prescription drugs may provider longer relief from TMJ pain and jaw discomfort than over-the-counter pain pills, that extra relief may come at a cost. Powerful drugs like prescription narcotics can introduce additional health risks and/or reduce alertness and awareness as a negative side effect.

In the case of surgical procedures, what if after all is said and done they just don’t work? And what about the health risks of surgery, in general? These are legitimate concerns for anyone considering surgical TMJ treatment for pain relief. They are the type of concerns that can’t be easily dismissed.

So, are there other alternatives for TMJ treatment that do NOT involve drugs or surgeries? The answer is YES.

TMJ Treatment Without Drugs or Surgery — Neuromuscular Dentistry

Get your migraine or headache diagnosis from the professionals at Tyler Headache Center.Seeking treatment for TMJ pain from a neuromuscular dentist would seem to make a lot of sense if you find the drug and surgery options unattractive. Some people don’t want the drugs in their bodies, and others would rather not be opened up. Some shudder at the thought of either, and can you blame them? Of course not.

Neuromuscular dentistry views both drugs and surgery as risky and often unnecessary. Tyler Headache Center can offer you TMJ treatments that rehabilitate you from the outside in, and not the inside out. We are capable of rehabilitating the smalls muscles and nerves within the dentomandibular complex to restore harmony and function to the TMJs. The TMJ treatment protocols we use do not involve drugs, needles, or surgery.

Some of the treatment techniques we use to rehabilitate neuromuscular force imbalances and provide pain relief may include:

Manual Manipulation — increases blood flow, breaks up knots, decreases pain/inflammation.

Ultrasound — increases blood flow and heat to improve circulation in sore & strained muscles.

Electrical Stimulation — reduces muscle spasms & referral pain while stimulating the nerves.

Cold Laser — further reduces pain & inflammation and rehabilitates neurological pathways.

Each and every TMJ patient we see comes to us with a different medical history and their own unique set of circumstances. The root causes for your TMJ pain may not be the same root causes for a different TMJ sufferer. You will be diagnosed comprehensively so that the root causes for your TMJ pain are known. The correct TMJ treatment protocols can then be assigned as part of a comprehensive and customized TMJ treatment regimen, just for you.

What to Expect from Your TMJ Treatments at Tyler Headache Center

A standard course of treatment for TMJ pain usually lasts about 8 to 12 weeks. The physical medicine modalities we use to treat you will depend on your unique diagnosis. Treatment visits typically occur once a week, and each session should last about 50 minutes in length.

How long it takes to feel pain relief in the affected TMJs depends on the severity of pain and other factors. However, most patients will start to feel pain relief in the TMJs right after the first visit. Other patients may need more treatment sessions for TMJ pain symptoms to subside.

Imagine a life where you can chew easily and eat whatever you want. Imagine having full range of motion in your TMJs — free from pain symptoms. We’re ready to help you get there with TMJ treatments that could reduce or entirely eliminate TMJ pain in under 12 weeks time. What are you waiting for?

Get TMJ Treatments that Restore Balance & Eliminate Pain.

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