TMJ Pain and Jaw Discomfort – It’s Pretty Common

Tyler Headache Center diagnoses and treats chronic muscular tension of the head and neck.TMJ Pain or any jaw discomforts associated with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder range from annoying or uncomfortable, to downright excruciating. Symptoms of TMJ or TMD would include joint clicking and popping, pain when opening or closing the mouth, sharp pains, chronic throbbing pain, and more.

Many TMJ pain sufferers report that having chronic pain in the jaw or temporomandibular joints can have an impact on personal habits. If you are reading this, perhaps you already know what it is like to experience pain when you chew food, or speak on the phone, or kiss a significant other. It is a wholly unpleasant experience, and the prospect of drugging one’s self every day to cope seems wrong and ridiculous. Why do people have chronic TMJ pain and jaw joint discomfort?

The simple answer is that any number of dentomandibular sensorimotor dysfunctions can cause TMJ pain… but simple answers aren’t good enough.

Tyler Headache Center Focuses on Root Causes for TMJ Pain

Force imbalances, coupled with neuromuscular damage at specific locations within the dentomandibular complex are usually responsible for TMJ pain and jaw discomforts. Painful symptoms can manifest if the bite force distribution is off, or if there are problems with tooth alignment. No one’s teeth are perfect. Few people even have what you would consider “straight” teeth.

Because TMJ pain can originate from a wide variety of different problems, the best way to find out is to be comprehensively diagnosed by a health care professional with deep experience in this area. It is a proven fact that TMJ pain can be caused by force imbalances within the dentomandibular complex, and few professionals know more about this area than a Neuromuscular Dentist does.

At The Tyler Headache Center we focus on root causes for TMJ pain — not the symptoms of TMJ pain. We can help you eliminate that TMJ Pain by restoring bite force harmony and rehabilitating areas of neuromuscular distress. We use non-invasive neuromuscular dentistry techniques for TMJ pain relief.

Nature always WANTS to achieve harmony and balance in our bodies, and the TMJs are no different. With respect to the Temporomandibular Joints, balance and harmony between the bite forces on the left and right sides is required for proper and pain-free functionality. Getting the bite forces balanced and harmonious — as close to 50% left and 50% right as possible — is a critical step in rehabilitating the TMJ joints back to normal. TMJ pain relief is the goal, but we can also produce long lasting results.

Are You Ready For Long Lasting TMJ Pain Relief?

If so, perhaps it is time for you to be comprehensively and correctly diagnosed by Dr. Morgan — a neuromuscular dentist at The Tyler Headache Center who has the experience, diagnostic technologies, and treatment protocols to get you long lasting or even permanent TMJ pain relief. The first step is getting diagnosed so that the root causes for TMJ pain are exposed. Here you’ll get a skilled diagnosis for your unique TMJ pain condition, and with the right treatment protocols you could be free from TMJ pain in under 3 months.

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As you get older, chronic tension becomes more prevalent.  Get diagnosed properly and you have a chance at at living pain free.

Tyler Headache Center skillfully diagnoses TMJ Pain and Jaw Discomforts. Finally know WHY you’re in pain, and get help.



This woman is being treated for chronic head and neck tension without drugs.

At Tyler Headache Center we use non-invasive Neuromuscular Dentistry techniques in our TMJ Pain Treatment protocols.


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