Diagnosing the Root Causes for Tinnitus — The Critical First Step

Get your migraine or headache diagnosis from the experts at Tyler Headache Center.Tyler Headache Center identifies the root causes for tinnitus and provides you with long lasting or even permanent relief from tinnitus symptoms. Our pioneering tools for accurate tinnitus diagnosis, along with our thorough examination protocols can help explain the unique tinnitus symptoms you experience.

Only after a complete diagnostic exam can we confidently pursue tinnitus treatment for you. This is because not everyone suffers with the same tinnitus symptoms and the root causes change from patient to patient.

Trust us when we say that knowing what’s wrong is indeed half the battle! Without comprehensive diagnosis, tinnitus treatment roughly equates to guesswork. At Tyler Headache Center, nothing about our tinnitus diagnosis methodologies or tinnitus treatment protocols has anything to do with guesswork.

Why Choose Tyler Headache Center for Tinnitus Diagnosis?

Get your migraine or headache diagnosis from the experts at Tyler Headache Center.Choose Tyler Headache Center because tinnitus is a complex condition with many potential root causes, and those root causes must be known to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

We use pioneering computer technologies to perform detailed analysis of the bite forces in your mouth. We thoroughly examine you health history, range of motion, and the stability of the dentomandibular complex. In this way, the root causes for tinnitus can be exposed.

Many of the root causes for tinnitus symptoms in a patient can be traced back to neuromuscular force problems and distress within the dentomandibular complex. This includes the small muscles, nerves, and all other associated structures to the Stomatognathic System. However, it is all too often the case that this system is not comprehensively reviewed at the time of diagnosis.

It is unfortunate that so many health care providers who diagnose tinnitus can entirely miss some the most significant contributors to tinnitus symptoms — imbalances within your neuromuscular forces. Nevertheless, it is true. It happens all the time.

It is too hard to speculate about the potential effectiveness of treatment when these forces are ignored. So, why speculate at all?

There is a way to move forward and get a comprehensive diagnosis without all the guesswork.

Get Comprehensively Diagnosed for Your Tinnitus Today

Tinnitus diagnosis and treatment cannot be about speculation, any more than treatment should be about trial and error.

Neuromuscular Dentistry is closing the diagnostic gap when it comes to exposing neuromuscular force problems that cause or exacerbate tinnitus symptoms. Are you ready for the answers that come from a proper tinnitus diagnosis?

Learn more below about the treatment methodologies we employ at Tyler Headache Center to get you free from tinnitus symptoms.


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