Tinnitus – A Misunderstood but Widely Experienced Condition

Tyler Headache Center diagnoses and treats tinnitus symptoms for lasting tinnitus relief.Tinnitus is a condition that’s fairly common. It is believed that tinnitus affects about 12 million people in the U.S. — and about 1 million of those individuals experience chronic tinnitus symptoms that rarely go away if they do at all.

Those who suffer with tinnitus often turn to doctors or specialists in an effort to eliminate the ringing in their ears. Many take medications they were prescribed, or try home remedies with mixed results. Identifying the reasons for annoying tinnitus symptoms is relatively simple in the case of trauma-related tinnitus. For others it can be somewhat challenging.

Tinnitus symptoms can manifest in many ways and the list of potential tinnitus symptoms is quite long. Tinnitus can be ‘objective’ in nature, meaning that the tinnitus is being caused by something that could theoretically be heard by someone else. Tinnitus can also be ‘subjective’, meaning that it is caused by something which cannot be heard by someone other than the tinnitus patient. Regardless of objective vs. subjective, testing for and diagnosing tinnitus using standard audiological diagnostic tools may not be enough to reveal the root causes for tinnitus in all cases.

When there’s no obvious cause, like accident trauma or exposure to loud noises for extended periods, neuromuscular force problems could be involved. If the cause is not known, getting a proper tinnitus diagnosis from a qualified neuromuscular dentist may help expose the causes.

The Link Between Tinnitus and The Stomatognathic System

One of the problems that health care professionals face when diagnosing and treating tinnitus symptoms is the multitude of potential root causes. Ringing in the ears or other auditory anomalies can be caused by: head and/or ear trauma, neurological distress/damage, allergies, foreign objects, frequent exposure to loud noises, infections of the ear, or other neuromuscular issues within the Stomatognathic System. It is often the case that neuromuscular problems ARE involved in the manifestation of tinnitus systems, even when other problems contribute to tinnitus. Many health care providers can overlook neuromuscular problems at the time a tinnitus diagnosis is produced.

When parts of your Stomatognathic System (the jaws and mouth, and any closely associated structures of the head and neck) are compromised it can cause there to be imbalances in force distribution or range of motion, or both. It can also result in tinnitus symptoms. Every individual part of the Stomatognathic System relies on other parts within the system for correct functionality. There must be balance and harmony throughout the entire system for normal operation and, where there ARE neuromuscular imbalances present that cause or exacerbate tinnitus symptoms, something needs to be done to rehabilitate those areas and restore the balance.

So, what if there are neuromuscular problems in the Stomatognathic System that normal audiological diagnostic tools aren’t picking up? What can you do to get a more comprehensive answer that includes analysis of neuromuscular forces in the Stomatognathic System?

Tinnitus Diagnosis & treatment at Tyler Headache Center

The root causes for tinnitus must be known in order to achieve lasting tinnitus relief. At Tyler Headache Center we can provide a tinnitus diagnosis that identifies neuromuscular problems associated with the symptoms. Once you have been diagnosed by Dr. Morgan for your tinnitus condition the appropriate tinnitus treatment protocols can then be assigned.

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