Headache & Migraine Treatments That Restore Balance & Harmony

Effective headache and migraine treatments involve restoring the bite force harmony.It is critically important that any neuromuscular force imbalances of the head and neck, teeth, jaw joints, and face be accurately identified before headache or migraine treatment protocols are assigned to a patient. It is frequently the case that these forces will go unnoticed or otherwise unaccounted for by the vast majority of health care providers when diagnosing headache and migraine conditions. This is a serious problem because neuromuscular force problems of the dentomandibular complex, when present, are essentially the root causes of headache and migraine pain.

Through no fault of their own, most health care providers simply do not have enough clinical experience in the area of neuromuscular force imbalances. They were neither taught how to identify and account for these force problems in a comprehensive diagnosis protocol, nor how to treat the conditions in a way that rehabilitates the patient and restores harmony to the entire dentomandibular complex. How can you treat headache and migraine pain when the fundamental understanding of root causes isn’t there?

The answer is… you cannot treat headaches and migraines when neuromuscular imbalances are present without the proper knowledge base.

In fact, most “modern” treatment protocols for headache and migraine pain still involve prescription drugs, unreliable trigger point management, injections and invasive surgeries that invite health risk. Effective headache and migraine treatments are now available that involve no drugs, surgery, or guesswork.

Treating Root Causes For Headache & Migraine Pain

Get your migraine or headache diagnosis from the experts at Tyler Headache Center.At The Tyler Headache Center our migraine and headache treatments focus on the root causes of pain — not just the symptoms. Once your diagnosis has been properly made by Dr. Morgan at the Center, the specific areas of neuromuscular imbalance can be precisely targeted and your headache or migraine treatments can begin.

Neuromuscular rehabilitation is a proven way to achieve long term headache and migraine pain relief. Our drug-FREE, needle-FREE, and surgery-FREE headache and migraine treatments rely on FDA-Approved, proven technologies for pain relief.

Some of the physical medicine modalities we use to rehabilitate the nerves and small muscles of the dentomandibular complex include:

Manual Manipulation — increases blood flow, breaks up knots, decreases pain/inflammation.

Ultrasound — increases blood flow and heat to improve circulation in sore & strained muscles.

Electrical Stimulation — reduces muscle spasms & referral pain while stimulating the nerves.

Cold Laser — further reduces pain & inflammation and rehabilitates neurological pathways.

How long it takes to achieve pain relief varies by the specific diagnoses and the severity of the condition. However, most patients will start to see some level of pain relief right away, even after just one treatment session. Patients with more severe conditions may begin experiencing reductions in headache or migraine frequency and pain intensity only after receiving additional treatment sessions.

So many patients stand to finally take their life back with headache and migraine treatments at the Tyler Headache Center. If there are neuromuscular force imbalances causing you to experience headache and migraine pain, our diagnostic tools can identify them. If through comprehensive diagnosis we are able to determine that you are a strong candidate for treatments, long term headache and migraine pain relief may be achieved in under 3 months.

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