The Problem With Contemporary Headache & Migraine Diagnosis

She needs a proper headache diagnosis.If you currently suffer with frequent or daily headaches and migraines and you’ve been diagnosed before, perhaps it’s time to change your way of thinking. The health care community, after decades of patient studies and failed headache and migraine treatment protocols, is finally beginning to change it’s thinking about headache and migraine diagnosis as well. Still, it’s not happening fast enough. Millions of individuals with previous migraine or headache diagnoses are still suffering.

In recent years it has become more clearly understood and accepted in the greater health care community that neuromuscular force imbalances of the head, neck, face, teeth, and jaw joints OFTEN play a major role — if not the starring role — in the manifestation of headache and migraine pain. Indeed, there may be multiple neuromuscular force issues at play which can work together to create complex headache and migraine conditions. Correct diagnosis of these forces is critical to getting relief.

Herein lies a major, MAJOR problem with contemporary headache and migraine diagnosis. The truth is, most healthcare providers are not properly trained to recognize neuromuscular force imbalances as contributing elements when they are present. Additionally, neuromuscular force problems are almost always present! If there are neuromuscular force issues within a patient, there is a strong likelihood that they could be entirely overlooked at the time of diagnosis. This problem underscores the need for patients to receive a more comprehensive headache and migraine diagnosis from individuals who have a deeper knowledge about neuromuscular force problems associated with headaches and migraines.

Get Diagnosed for Headache and Migraine by a Neuromuscular Dentist

Get your migraine or headache diagnosis from the experts at Tyler Headache Center.Tyler Headache Center is the premier neuromuscular dentistry practice in Eastern Texas. We use the latest diagnostic protocols and technologies for identifying neuromuscular force imbalances that directly cause headache and migraine pain. Perhaps for the first time ever, you’ll get a comprehensive diagnosis identifying the forces at work inside you that cause your frequent headaches or chronic migraines.

Dr. Morgan of the Tyler Headache Center is a neuromuscular dentist with extensive training in diagnosing force imbalances within the dentomandibular complex. He will review your entire headache and migraine history with you and then employ a series of diagnostic protocols and technologies designed to pinpoint the problem areas. Headache and migraine conditions are unique to each individual patient. Therefore, each patient is examined carefully to determine the unique root causes for their headache or migraine pain.

Dr. Morgan uses manual muscle palpation and thorough range of motion examination techniques to determine the extent of any muscular impairment which may be present. He also uses precision bite force analysis tools to digitally map the force distributions within your teeth, mouth, and jaw joints in order to accurately identify the specific areas responsible for your unique headache or migraine pain manifestations. When your comprehensive diagnosis is complete, the areas of imbalance and distress will be known.

Neuromuscular rehabilitation is the key. Are you ready for drug-FREE, needle-FREE, non-invasive headache and migraine treatments that actually stand a chance of freeing you from pain for good?


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