The U.S. Has a Headache & Migraine Problem

This woman needs relief from migraine headaches -- the kind that drugs can't provide.Recent estimates suggest that the number of headache and migraine sufferers in the U.S. hovers somewhere around 35 to 45 million individuals. These are people who suffer with serious pain from chronic headaches or frequent migraine headaches and badly need pain relief to live normal lives.

For too many headache and migraine pain sufferers, the lasting pain relief they really need has been hard to find. Some of these unfortunate people have suffered with painful headaches and migraines for years or even decades, achieving little more than temporary relief. So, why aren’t these people getting help? Is it flawed headache & migraine diagnosis, or ineffective headache & migraine treatments, or both?

To really understand why serious headache and migraine pain persists in an age of advanced health care and modern medicine you must first look to where most people commonly turn for help, and investigate what they’re finding.

Where Do People Look For Headache & Migraine Pain Relief?

When it comes to finding headache and migraine pain relief, most start by plunging into a sea of non-prescription painkillers and natural remedies. There are a multitude of over-the-counter pain relief options out there for headaches and migraines, and it’s downright confusing.

Headache and migraine sufferers will often try many things in an attempt to get lasting pain relief. While temporary relief can usually be achieved, it is too often the case that headache or migraine pain returns. Permanent headache and migraine pain relief eludes them.

Many chronic headache and migraine sufferers end up turning to their general practitioner or a specialist physician to explore other options for pain relief when over-the-counter solutions prove ineffective. When they do, they immediately discover that an entirely new battery of headache and migraine drugs awaits them. Sound familiar?

The Truth About Drugs and Pain Relief

Some of these drugs are powerful narcotics that can leave the headache or migraine sufferer in a fog. Others are designed to be taken at the onset of pain but can’t prevent it from happening. Regardless of type, no drug can produce permanent headache or migraine pain relief.

Drugs can also introduce an entirely new set of health risks to the pain sufferer and many come with unpleasant side effects. If you consider the health risks of drugs and the temporary nature of the pain relief they provide, it begs the question… Why are so many physicians still prescribing drugs for headache and migraine pain? The answer is… that’s what they were taught. They’re falling back on what they know.

Medications are problematic at best, but can be harmful at their worst. Is there a way to get long term headache and migraine pain relief without drugs, needles, or invasive procedures? For so many people the answer is actually YES. Headache and migraine pain relief CAN be achieved for most who suffer, and for the long term — without drugs, invasive surgical procedures, or additional pain.


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