Frequently Asked Questions About Symptoms

Q: What types of symptoms can the Tyler Headache Center resolve?

A: The patients we treat here at the Center suffer with symptoms from a wide variety of conditions, such as headaches and migraines, jaw pain and face pain, TMD / TMJ (Temporomandibular Disorder), Tinnitus (ear ringing and auditory anomalies) and other persistent discomforts of the neck, head, mouth and jaw joints. Most of the symptoms from these conditions can be reduced and/or eliminated by focusing treatment on the root causes of pain over an 8 to 12 week period.

Q: What causes the symptoms that Tyler Headache Center’s treatments resolve?

A: Neuromuscular force imbalances of the head, neck, teeth and jaws can be brought on by many factors, including: badly performed dental work; poor posture in the workplace; accident trauma to the head, neck or face; other problems related to the Stomatognathic System and dentomandibular complex. The list is quite long, which only underscores the need for comprehensive diagnosis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Diagnostics & Examinations

Q: What should I expect to learn from the preliminary diagnostic exam?

A: Most importantly, you can expect to get specific answers about the force imbalances within the Stomatognathic System and dentomandibular complex that are exacerbating or directly causing your pain. We provide objective and comprehensive diagnostic information about the root causes behind your pain symptoms.

The preliminary diagnostic exam last about 2 hours, and what we learn by the conclusion of this exam will allow us to create a customized treatment regimen suitable to your unique condition and symptoms.

Q: What is involved in the diagnostic process?

A: The diagnostic process involves precise computer measurements of the force distributions within your mouth, tooth by tooth. It also involves computerized measurements of your range of motion. The Range of Motion Examination is necessary to link force distribution problems to any impairments to mouth movement. We can actually show you where the problems are stemming from and where treatments must be targeted.

Additional examination protocols and system reviews will help you and Dr. Morgan to pinpoint other problem areas related to mouth and muscle health and other dental issues that need to be addressed at the time of treatment.

The entire experience is very revealing because finally you’ll have had a proper diagnosis performed by an experienced care provider who understands these types of pain. Most physicians do not possess adequate training and experience to expose the root causes of your pain where neuromuscular force problems are involved — and they usually ARE involved.

Q: Are all of my office visits going to be 2 hours long?

A: No they will not. Treatments can start immediately after the diagnoses are produced in most instances, and treatment sessions are structured differently than the initial diagnostic exam. We do ask you to plan for a 2 hour initial visit, though, and you will not need further diagnosis down the line.

Treatment sessions are usually scheduled on a weekly basis and last around 50 minutes to an hour. A full course of treatment usually runs about 12 weeks in length, and it is possible to be symptom-free and pain-free in under three months with a normal response to treatment protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Treatment Process

Q: How does the Tyler Headache Center treatment process work?

A: After a comprehensive initial exam is performed and the diagnoses produced, Tyler Headache Center creates you a personalized plan for therapy and neuromuscular rehabilitation. Treatment plans are designed to bring you lasting pain relief.

Our specialists perform the therapeutic modalities assigned in your treatment plan on-site. We use FDA-approved, proven technologies for pain relief. Our treatment modalities draw from the most recent advancements in neuromuscular dentistry and sports medicine therapy. Therapies are painless, as well as drug-free and needle-free. Expect the entire treatment experience to be comfortable and stress-free. Dr. Morgan and the Tyler Headache Center staff are completely devoted to providing you with the very best treatment experience possible.

Q: What progress can I expect after the first treatment?

A: The time it takes for you to experience relief from symptoms and pain will vary based on your unique diagnosis and the severity of pain. Patients often experience immediate pain relief and objective improvement after their first treatment visit. Subsequent treatments should provide more pain relief. The goal is always for patients to see consistent improvement throughout their course of treatment.

Q: How long will it take to complete my course of treatment?

A: A full course of treatment can typically last 8 to 12 weeks, though patients without severe pain symptoms can take less time to rehabilitate. Know that a full course of treatment at Tyler Headache Center makes it possible for you to be pain-free in under 3 months if you respond normally to treatment protocols. This is time well-invested. You might be living free from the pain that’s been with you for so long, and quicker than you ever imagined. Even more importantly, these treatment protocols have completely eliminated the pain for many patients, and for the long term!

Frequently Asked Questions About At-home Treatments

Q: What happens after the office visits end?

A: Tyler Headache Center gives you the tools necessary for ongoing self-care and treatment at home. We give you your own home care units, as well as the training to treat yourself at home. We will still be here after your in-office treatments conclude to answer any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions About Treatment Costs and Insurance Coverage

Q: How much will my treatment cost?

A: Reimbursement depends on many factors, including the unique diagnosis of the individual patient and the disposition and structure of their insurance plan. Treatment costs tend to vary in general, but much of the treatment course could be reimbursable through your health insurance plan. If you have a health insurance plan, Tyler Headache Center will obtain pre-authorization for procedures in advance whenever possible and we will bill your insurance carrier in a timely fashion. When needed, Tyler Headache Center provides supporting documentation to insurance carriers in order to assist you in securing the maximum reimbursement allowable.

Q: How do we find out what insurance might pay?

A: Many people desire treatment but first need to know the potential for reimbursement to better plan for expenses. This is understandable, and Tyler Headache Center will perform a benefits estimation check for you at the beginning. While many patients are able to obtain some insurance coverage for diagnostic procedures and treatments, it is likely that you will still have some out-of-pocket responsibility. The coverage amounts vary greatly by insurer.

We go to great lengths in the pursuit of maximum insurance reimbursement for our patients. Unlike many medical practices, we will vigorously help you to secure reimbursement wherever available and whenever possible. Know that we have been quite successful in helping many patients obtain varying levels of reimbursement for their courses of treatment.

Q: What can be done if my insurance won’t cover all of the treatment costs?

A: We know that there are financial concerns that come with having less than complete insurance coverage. We also know that you are in pain and must find a way to get pain relief. Some people we see have endured chronic and intense pain that is so severe it affects every part of their lives. Insurance coverage cannot be the primary deciding factor for these individuals, and yet it is still important. Therefore, we have alternate solutions for payment when you need them.

For your convenience, Tyler Headache Center can offer you flexible financing plans to make treatment more accessible. Call us now to schedule a consultation and obtain benefit estimates for your specific insurance plan. You can also review the financing options with our caring staff.