Successful Face Pain Treatment Means Targeting Root Causes

Get your migraine or headache diagnosis from the experts at Tyler Headache Center.At The Tyler Headache Center we can help you achieve long lasting relief from face pain with the potential for permanent relief. The key is to use face pain treatments to target the actual root causes for pain — not the symptoms.

The root causes for face pain are almost never the same from one patient to the next. Your face pain treatments will be assigned as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program we customize specifically to you.

Most patients receiving treatment for face pain symptoms require a course of treatment that is approximately 12 weeks in length, but this can vary depending on diagnosis and severity of pain. Your face pain treatment visits will be scheduled at a rate of once per week with each session lasting about 50 minutes.

Some of the treatment protocols we employ to rehabilitate neuromuscular force imbalances and provide relief from face pain include:

Manual Manipulation — increases blood flow, breaks up knots, decreases pain/inflammation.

Ultrasound — increases blood flow and heat to improve circulation in sore & strained muscles.

Electrical Stimulation — reduces muscle spasms & referral pain while stimulating the nerves.

Cold Laser — further reduces pain & inflammation and rehabilitates neurological pathways.

Neuromuscular rehabilitation is a non-invasive, highly effective way to achieve long term face pain relief. It corrects the problems that actually cause the face pain symptoms you experience. The face pain treatments we use do not rely on drugs or needles.

Every patient has a unique set of circumstances surrounding their face pain symptoms. All experience differing levels of pain severity. Many patients will see some face pain relief after just one treatment session, while others may require additional treatment sessions to start seeing relief from the symptoms of face pain.

If you experience face pain and would rather correct the root cause than take drugs to kill the pain, we are ready to help you. With Tyler Headache Center at your side you stand a good chance of significantly reducing your face pain, or eliminating it entirely and for good.

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