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Getting diagnosed for your face pain is a critical first step to finding pain relief.At The Tyler Headache Center, each and every face pain patient begins the road to rehabilitation and pain relief in the same way. Getting a proper face pain diagnosis is always the first critical step towards lasting relief. The specific root causes of your face pain must be determined prior to selecting treatment protocols if lasting relief is to be achieved.

Not everyone who experiences face pain has the same problems, and therefore a unique diagnosis is necessary for every face pain sufferer. The face pain diagnosis that is produced at your initial examination and evaluation visit essentially tells Dr. Morgan where treatment is needed and what treatment protocols are best suited to your unique face pain condition.

Something that’s really important to understand from the beginning is that face pain can be reduced or eliminated in most circumstances — without drugs or surgery. This is accomplished by first exposing the specific parts of your Stomatognathic System that are imbalanced and disharmonious. Then, once the imbalances and areas of neuromuscular distress are located and properly identified, various treatments can be used to restore balance and harmony and eliminate pain symptoms.

Why Consider A Neuromuscular Dentist for Your Face Pain Diagnosis?

Get your migraine or headache diagnosis from the experts at Tyler Headache Center.When it comes to face pain diagnosis and treatment, it makes a lot of sense to seek help from a neuromuscular dentist. A comprehensive diagnosis of your face pain paves the way for successful treatment, but many health care providers fail to recognize neuromuscular force imbalances within the Stomatognathic System when diagnosing face pain. Neuromuscular force imbalances that cause face pain are usually to be found in the Stomatognathic System or dentomandibular complex.

There are very few specialists and doctors who do understand the neuromuscular problems pertaining to the Stomatognathic System. However, some health care providers do have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the human dentomandibular complex and Stomatognathic System, such as neuromuscular dentists.

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