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Tyler Headache Center diagnoses and treats chronic muscular tension of the head and neck.If you experience face pain and need to understand what’s going on, you’ve come to the right place. Tyler Headache Center can give you a comprehensive face pain diagnosis and treat you non-invasively so that long lasting pain relief can be achieved.

Face pain can be caused by any number of force distribution problems within the Stomatognathic System, and specifically within the dentomandibular complex. Some of these problems might include, but not be limited to: bite force imbalances, neuromuscular distress or damage, imperfect tooth alignment, accident trauma, etc. Unfortunately, badly performed dental work from your past can also be responsible for causing facial pain. However, in most cases pain relief can be achieved.

Trauma cases are unique in the sense that you already know in general what is causing your face pain. Though the reasons for your face pain may be somewhat understood if there was trauma, “how” the accident has changed the neuromuscular force distributions in your head and face must still be determined for treatment.

Because a wide variety of root causes could be responsible for your face pain it really underscores the need for an accurate face pain diagnosis by an experienced professional. We can thoroughly diagnose you for your unique face pain condition, but we can also offer you face pain treatments that do not involve drugs, needles, or unnecessary surgical procedures.

I Have Facial Pain and Want Treatment — What’s Next?

The root causes for the face pain you experience must be exposed through correct diagnosis. This is always the first step. At Tyler Headache Center we can comprehensively diagnose your facial pain condition and you will finally get answers as to why you experience pain. Once completely diagnosed by Dr. Morgan, suitable treatment protocols can be employed to rehabilitate and correct the problems.

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Face Pain can be excruciating for some, but we can help you with proper diagnosis and effective treatment.

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