Get Comprehensively Diagnosed for your Chronic Muscular Tension

Getting diagnosed for your muscular tension is a critical first step to achieving pain relief.Getting correctly and comprehensively diagnosed for your unique muscular tension condition is the critical first step to understanding where the muscle tension and pain comes from — i.e., what parts of the Stomatognathic System must be brought back into a state of balance and harmony to restore normal function and eliminate pain.

Unfortunately, many health care providers fail to recognize neuromuscular force imbalances within the Stomatognathic System when producing a diagnosis for a chronic head or neck tension patient. When this happens, the resulting incomplete diagnosis can lead to treatment protocol selections that may be less effective or ineffective in mitigating the pain and muscular tension.

Getting a proper diagnosis for chronic tension depends heavily upon the experience and ability of the health care provider. The provider MUST understand neuromuscular force problems to get it right.

Who Can Properly Diagnose Chronic Head & Neck Tension?

Get your migraine or headache diagnosis from the experts at Tyler Headache Center.For comprehensive diagnosis of chronic muscular tension of the head and neck, turning to a neuromuscular dentist makes sense. Few health care providers know more about neuromuscular problems pertaining to the Stomatognathic System than neuromuscular dentists do, and chronic muscular tension in the head and neck region most certainly involves problems with the Stomatognathic System.

Dr. Tad Morgan of the Tyler Headache Center is a trained neuromuscular dentist that has the diagnostic technologies on-site to identify and actually show you where neuromuscular imbalances exist. Getting the diagnosis right is key because these neuromuscular force imbalances are often root causes for chronic tension and pain in the head and neck. You cannot treat or rehabilitate a chronic tension problem if you cannot locate the cause!

Drugs are no permanent solution, either. Chronic tension and pain return the moment the painkillers wear off. It is only through the comprehensive rehabilitation of any problem areas that lasting tension relief and pain relief can be achieved.

Read on to learn more about the chronic muscle tension treatments at the Tyler Headache Center and how they could set you free from the pain for the long term.


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