Do You Suffer With Chronic Head & Neck Muscular Tension?

Tyler Headache Center diagnoses and treats chronic muscular tension of the head and neck.If chronic muscular tension is something you’ve experienced for a long time and can’t see to get rid of, you are not alone. Millions suffer with chronic muscle tension – particularly in the head, neck, and shoulders – and badly need pain relief to function normally.

Most people try to solve serious muscle tension and pain with various painkillers — mostly pills, muscle ointments that can be applied externally, liquid suspension medications, etc. There are tons of over-the-counter pills you can take for pain relief — an incredible variety of pills and other solutions from which to choose. It is confusing, and it leads to trial and error.

Unfortunately, this trial and error stage can either last a long time or never end. Using pills or externally applied ointments to relieve chronic muscle tension is merely a stop-gap solution because any relief gained is only temporary. None of them solve chronic muscular tension permanently.

What Causes Chronic Muscular Tension in the Head & Neck?

Chronic head and neck tension can occur as a result of trauma, bad posture, repetitive physical tasks, or any number of other things that strain the small muscles or nerves in your head, neck, and shoulders. Jaw joints can also be strained by every day use — like when you chew and eat, or when you speak.

When the small muscles of the head and neck or the jaw joints become traumatized, discomfort often results. This discomfort can take its form as severe tension, painful muscle spasms, regular headaches, face and jaw pain, and even migraine episodes.

When the Stomatognathic System (jaws, mouth, and closely associated structures) becomes compromised it creates imbalances in force distribution and range of motion that result in chronic tension and pain.

There are many interconnected parts to your head and neck. Each part of the Stomatognathic System is relying on another or others for proper function. Balance and harmony must be maintained for normal, pain-free operation throughout this entire system.

For example, if one of your jaw joints or a particular set of muscles in the head or neck become distressed, it is often the case that muscles and joints in other locations will begin to overwork themselves in an effort to compensate for the initially affected part’s weakness and/or lack of range of motion. When this happens, something must be done to rehabilitate those areas.

How Can Lasing Tension Relief Be Achieved?

The root causes for chronic muscular tension in the head and neck must be exposed. At Tyler Headache Center we can correctly diagnose you for your chronic muscular tension in the head and neck. Once you have been thoroughly diagnosed by Dr. Morgan the appropriate treatment protocols can then be assigned for your specific condition.

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As you get older, chronic tension becomes more prevalent.  Get diagnosed properly and you have a chance at at living pain free.

Tyler Headache Center comprehensively diagnoses chronic head & neck muscular tension. Are you ready to know WHY you’re in pain?



This woman is being treated for chronic head and neck tension without drugs.

Tyler Headache Center treats head & neck chronic muscular tension using Neuromuscular Dentistry techniques for long lasting results.


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