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Tyler Headache Center, located just outside of Tyler, TX in Bullard, is proud to offer the entire Eastern Texas Region the most recent advancements in Neuromuscular Dentistry for the reduction and elimination of pain.

In a health care industry where drugs are so frequently used to mask the symptoms of pain, Tyler Headache Center stands for something very different. Our diagnostic protocols are focused on revealing the root causes of pain, and our treatment protocols target those root causes without drugs or invasive surgical procedures.

Tyler Headache Center is one of only around 300 Neuromuscular Dentistry practices nationwide that have the knowledge, experience, and technology to bring patients long lasting and potentially permanent relief from complex pain conditions such as Headaches, Migraines, TMJ, Face Pain, Head & Neck Tension, and Tinnitus.

Interesting Pain Stats

As you review these estimates please keep in mind that they are just that - estimates. No one knows exactly how many suffer with these conditions, but the recent estimates below give us a starting point.

Current U.S. Population (2012 census) = 313.9M
Current Global Population (2012 census) = 7.136B

Estimated % of U.S. population who get Migraine Headaches
Of those who experience Migraine GLOBALLY, % who get Migraines w/ Aura
Estimated % of GLOBAL population that get Tension-type Headaches
Estimated % of GLOBAL population that get Chronic Tension-type Headaches
Estimated % of U.S. ADULT population w/ TMD/TMJ conditions
Est. % of 'general' population who have Atypical Face Pain (ATP) symptoms
Estimated % of all Atypical Face Pain (ATP) sufferers who are FEMALE
Estimated % of U.S. population that experience Tinnitus Symptoms
Estimated % of U.S. population coping w/ severe Tinnitus

Offering Diagnosis & Treatment for...

Tyler Headache Center diagnoses and treats headache and migraine pain.Most of today's headache and migraine pain relief options involve the use of drugs to mask the pain -- but now there are new options. Find out about Tyler Headache Center's breakthrough approach to achieving long lasting migraine & headache pain relief.
Tyler Headache Center can give you a skilled headache or migraine diagnosis.A proper headache diagnosis or migraine diagnosis can make all the difference between getting serious relief or staying in pain. Are you ready to learn what a thorough headache or migraine diagnosis can uncover?
Tyler Headache Center offers breakthrough headache treatments and migraine treatments.Headache and migraine treatment at Tyler Headache Center involves no drugs, no needles, and no invasive surgical procedures. Headache and migraine treatments at the center are wholly pleasant experiences.
Tyler Headache Center provides long lasting pain relief from TMJ pain.TMD / TMJ pain and jaw discomforts can be annoying for some while others experience excruciating pain. TMJ pain can last for years and change your habits. Learn how Tyler Headache Center helps you get lasting TMJ Pain Relief, or even permanent relief.
Tyler Headache Center helps you understand your pain symptoms with comprehensive TMJ diagnosis.TMJ diagnosis at Tyler Headache Center is a revealing experience. We can expose the root causes for your pain so that effective neuromuscular rehabilitation protocols can be assigned. Ready to know what causes your TMJ pain and jaw discomfort?
Tyler Headache Center provides TMJ treatments for long lasting pain relief.TMJ treatment protocols at Tyler Headache Center rely on non-invasive, proven technologies to achieve long lasting TMJ pain relief. While drugs can only provide temporary relief, our TMJ treatments can reduce or eliminate pain for the long term.
Tyler Headache Center can help you achieve significant pain relief from chronic muscular tension in the head and neck.Chronic muscular tension in the head and neck is painful and debilitating. Head and neck tension can severely restrict mobility and even cause headache and migraine conditions for some. Learn how we can help you achieve chronic head and neck tension relief.
Tyler Headache Center diagnoses chronic muscular tension of the head and neck so that neuromuscular force problems can be exposed and treated.Getting a diagnosis for chronic head and neck tension at Tyler Headache Center can expose root causes for pain that many providers miss. Neuromuscular force issues cannot be ignored if the goal is to achieve lasting relief for chronic head & neck tension.
Tyler Headache Center's chronic head and neck tension treatments have the potential to set you free from pain, and for the long term.At Tyler Headache Center we understand how chronic head & neck tension can rob you of your quality of life. Our treatments for chronic muscular tension of the head & neck have the potential to give you that quality of life back. Are you ready for relief?
Face pain relief can be achieved with proper diagnosis and treatment at Tyler Headache Center.Face Pain can range from mild to severe, but it's never pleasant. Symptoms can be so intense that the thought of eating, smiling, or talking is distasteful. There are many possible causes, but lasting face pain relief is achievable for most sufferers.
Tyler Headache Center can offer you thorough face pain diagnosis to reveal the neuromuscular imbalances causing you this pain.At Tyler Headache Center we understand face pain. We use pioneering tools and thorough examination protocols in our face pain diagnosis. Here you can take advantage of recent advancements in neuromuscular dentistry to eliminate face pain.
Face pain treatments at Tyler Headache Center are drug-free and provide face pain patients with an attractive treatment alternative to other available options.Neuromuscular rehabilitation is the key to effective face pain treatment, and what we offer at Tyler Headache Center stands a very good chance of breaking you free from your face pain for the long term. Imagine a life free from face pain and limitations.
Tyler Headache Center offers neuromuscular rehabilitation for moderate to severe tinnitus symptoms.Tinnitus symptoms such as 'ear ringing' and 'white noise' can be objective or subjective, as well as intermittent or chronic. Symptoms range from mildly distracting to severe. There are no known drugs for producing lasting tinnitus relief, but perhaps we can.
Tyler Headache Center can produce a tinnitus diagnosis that exposes neuromuscular force issues within your dentomandibular complex.Getting a comprehensive tinnitus diagnosis is the first step to getting lasting relief from tinnitus symptoms. Tyler Headache Center can give you a tinnitus diagnosis that exposes the neuromuscular force problems so frequently linked to tinnitus suffering.
Tyler Headache Center tinnitus treatments have the potential to work for patients with objective OR subjective tinnitus.Conventional tinnitus treatments are often times not enough to eliminate the many types of auditory anomalies associated with tinnitus. However, we have several tinnitus treatment protocols you probably never had access to before, until now.

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